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Jeramy Colvin, PsyD, MBA, Development

June 14, 2017

Branding is a key component in building your dream, and it is something that starts with passion. While many Dreampreneurs seek to have more time and live life on their terms, some want to develop a company, product, or perhaps become a leader in their own right. Here are five absolutes in the development of your brand and your image.

In the development of your brand, start with something you are truly passionate about, something you feel in the fiber of your being. Consider brands such as Apple. Steve Jobs did not just want to create personal computers, he wanted to change the world– and he did just that! However, he started with something he was passionate about and his innovation was the driving force in of the company. The foundation of your brand must be passion.

Your brand image should start with passion.

As founder, you are the very essence of your brand and being an ambassador is your top priority. Align your personal values with that of your brand, share your vision with others, and make sure you promote your brand every day. Share your brand with others, build a following, and seek opportunities to promote your brand to others.

“Align your personal values with that of your brand, share your vision with others, and make sure you promote your brand every day.”

Build Relationships
It is essential to develop relationships with your investors and partners as they will support you through the many challenges you will face. It is important that you seek individuals from within your industry to support you who are a good cultural fit for your brand. Also, choose partners who share your vision for success.

Know Your Weaknesses
It is important to understand what you do well, and where you need support. Understanding your weaknesses will assist you in seeking the support of others who can fill in the gaps of your brand and operation. Be open and honest with yourself in identifying your weaknesses, and seek partners and investors who can fill in the gaps.

Build a completing brand around you

Be Charitable
Development of your brand will likely take a lot of your personal funds, but it is also important to support others. Showing up in support of others is an opportunity to practice what you preach, as you will likely require the support of others. Make sure to incorporate a give-back component of your business plan, as it will create a win-win within your community.

Here are some final thoughts related to branding you. Building a brand requires a lot of hard work. However, incorporating these tips into your development plan will support your vision and ensure brand success. Be compelling, be yourself, and most of all, be your brand!

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