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About Traci

Traci Bogan is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery and self-empowerment. She has backpacked 75,000 miles, in six continents, through 55 countries. Traci has made a career of putting herself front and center to show others how to break through their fears and achieve their boldest goal or most daring dream through her books, retreats, and coaching programs. She has been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as many radio shows and has published four books.

She has lived in China, teaching English at the World Exchange College of Language, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The breadth of Traci’s life experiences is beyond ordinary. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she spearheaded a campaign to increase the Criminal Statute of Limitations for sex crimes on children. Her grass-root efforts helped change Wisconsin’s law on child sexual abuse. It is dubbed “The Bogan Bill.”

Traci is dedicated to working with growth-driven women and mission-driven Entrepreneurs who are tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated and are eager to finally align and integrate theMINir life and business with their purpose and their Spiritual Vision for the world that brings them a life of prosperity, joy and contribution.

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"Following your dreams is not a matter of cost or time – it’s a matter of choice and courage."

–Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Books by Traci

The Backpack Diaries

The Backpack Diaries

The Backpack Diaries is an inspirational and adventure based true story of two best friends in their thirties, who are at a simultaneous crossroads in their lives, in search of adventure, fun, and a better understanding of the world and their role in it. More than a travel book, this is a transformation journey filled with more than 200 photos, links to videos, and insights of self discovery from Dreamer to Dreampreneur.

This book encourages you to step out of your box and take a risk. Do something you always wanted to do and realize that everything will be ok. - Chrystal

Romance 411

Romance 411

This blockbuster book is packed end-to-end with proven results-driven ideas for creating and sustaining romance in your relationship. Let this be your model and inspiration for romance, no occasion necessary. This jam packed book of unique gift ideas and creative tips will indulge the romantically challenged and natural-born romantics alike! Even if your idea of romance is more modest, there is no easier or more enjoyable road to “riches” than ROMANCE-411.

Dozens of amazing ideas for anyone who is looking to add some romance to a relationship new and old. This is a great book! - Tammy

Take our free ASSESSMENT and find out if you are a "dreamer" or a Dreampreneur. Get Traci's 12 Navigation Markers and get on track to achieve your boldest goal or most daring dream! 

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