Big Mistakes or Invaluable Lessons

Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Guiding Women’s Transformation through Speaking, Retreats & Coaching

It’s an ERASER FOR BIG MISTAKES. I found it at the Dollar Store. Just a year ago I thought invaluable lessons come from BIG MISTAKES. Today I know that there are no mistakes, only invaluable lessons.

I am standing dead smack on the cusp of one of those invaluable lessons right now. It is the most delicious ache I have had in years, and one of the most beautiful and single most turning points of my life. I wouldn’t trade it for anything or change a single moment. In fact, I would do it again, over and over. Why? Because this experience has lead me into taking fierce action to show up and play bigger and bolder than ever before and to be in charge of my life (again). It has led me to this new beginning, which caused me to shake myself out of the cocoon (comfort zone) I was living in for the past six months.

Do you ever flash back to something that has happened that you feel upset about it? You tell yourself, big mistake, and you can barely stand thinking about it without angst. It’s easy to beat yourself up over mistakes you’ve made and live in the past rather than being in the present and building your brilliant future. Some people stay stuck for years over something they did, playing victim to circumstance.

I believe that people can get off track, give up, and just go through the motions of life. But I don’t think that most people wake up and intentionally set a goal to fail or mess things up. Most people wake up in the morning, walk out into the world and do the best they can do with their knowledge and skills and make mistakes in the process of their learning. Mistakes are simply a rich source of learning invaluable lessons. An opportunity to sharpen your strength, deepen your awareness and understanding, and gain a precious perspective and experience.

“I believe that people can get off track, give up, and just go through the motions of life. But I don’t think that most people wake up and intentionally set a goal to fail or mess things up”

I know for me, everything I have experienced, even the mistakes, are all part of what I am meant to learn and how I evolve in life. It is all part of the creation of who I am in the rush-hour of my becoming. I have learned and still learning how to surrender, embrace, and love the messes I make in life. I will continue to re-build my life and make it into something I am proud of, and something I can share with others. My mistakes have become a resource for growth and inspiration.

“a mistake is a diamond in the rough”

What you see as a mistake is a diamond in the rough. It is an opportunity to discover the truth about yourself and the role that you played in creating it or allowing it for as long as you did in your life. Seeing that truth enables you to make new choices for your direction, happiness, results, and realness. It makes for a great feeling of emotional peace and ever evolving freedom. Once the truth is unveiled, comprehended, and processed, it never has to happen again, because you can choose to show up differently and write a new script. You are the leading role of your life, and you have just one shot at it.

Change happens quickly. At this moment you can choose something new and take the first step in allowing it to happen. Life will unfold exactly how it is meant to be, and all from the process of change. Remember: you are the cause. You are the power. You are the conscious creator of your results. You too can achieve your boldest goals and most daring dreams.

What invaluable lessons have you learned from this past year? Will you be vulnerable and share it with me?

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