traci bogan and brad hart talk making marblesTraci Bogan Interviews Brad Hart as he tells us how to Make More Marbles. A little idea that went worldwide. And they said he was crazy — thought he was losing his marbles. And actually, he created them, all around the world.

“Instead of grabbing for more marbles like the hungry hungry hippo, make more marbles,” says Brad Hart. Markets aren’t where value is created, it’s where value is decided upon. Supply and demand, buying and selling. The internet sandbox of creation, heat it up, twist, and  you have more marbles. It’s an infinite field. Instead of competing, collaborate to win more together than one ever could alone.

Take 30 minutes to expand your horizons. Collaboration creates commerce ripple affects. “Leaders don’t create more followers, they create more leaders,” as Tony Robbins says. So, listen in and learn how to spin up the courage to go for it.

Oh, and go get goodies here: which includes How to Make an Online Course in 60 Minutes and 5 Proven Strategies For Getting More Students Without Spending A Single Dollar and more.


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