Do you remember the old cartoon, Popeye the Sailor Man?

In every episode, Popeye stumbles into a place of conflict with his enemies and transitions from being an ordinary man to having superhuman energy and strength; which instantly amplifies after eating a can of Spinach.  In the moment of conflict Popeye bellows out “I’m Popeye the sailor man.  I’m Popeye the sailor man.  I’m strong to the fin-ich (finish) – Cause I eats me spinach.  I’m Popeye the sailor man.” -And his energy increases and his eyes light up and his arms bulge out and he zeros in on his end point and moves toward it with relentless conviction.

You see, Popeye believes that he can conquer any conflict, defeat any obstacle, and have the girl of his dreams.  He knows and BE’s who he is and what he is capable of and does not question, doubt, wonder, fear, debate, or blame his life’s circumstance on anything or anyone.  He instead takes responsibility by focusing on a solution or the results that he wants to gain from any situation.  He embraces the challenge, BE’s in the moment, and moves into action as if guided by a greater force.  In one decision Popeye can transform himself and make the unbelievable achievable in his life!

While Popeye is a fictional cartoon and his spinach is just a metaphor for what it takes for him to wake up and unleash his full capability; we can still glean some wisdom from him to follow in our own lives.  Just as Popeye opens up a can of spinach and eats it to transform himself, you too can flip the switch and make the shift in your own life…in one decision… to be a bigger, better, and stronger you.

Like Popeye, a great way to remind ourselves of our potential and capability is to “Declare” who we are out loud and then “BE” it.  I have been doing this 2005 and have rarely missed a day.  My “I AM” Declarations have become a way of life for me and I have been able to achieve unfathomable goals and dreams as a result of believing and being them.  “I AM” Declarations are positive statements that describe a desired outcome of what you want to See, Be, Do, Have, and Give.  When repeated daily, they impress the subconscious mind and with enough intention and pressure, trigger it into positive forward motion.  In order to ensure the effectiveness of your “I AM” Declarations, they must be repeated with intention, conviction, passion, desire, truth, and knowingness.  You must see yourself living them until they become you.

Your “I AM” is a declaration of self.  Whatever you declare and believe yourself to See, Be, Do, Have, and Give guides your experience in life.  Life is done unto you as you believe and you are the sum total of those beliefs.  This is not just an “I want ___” affirmation; it must be total belief with total conviction.  If your mind is saying, “yea, but” or “what if” you do not believe!  Your success in life is dependent upon your belief about it and how you respond and adapt to life’s storms along your journey to it.  Since it is possible to control your thinking, it is possible to control your destiny!  Give it a whirl and BE what happens!

Here are my own personal “I AM” Declarations. I hope this will inspire you to create your own list. This is just ONE of the many steps you can take to start you on your journey of Self-Discovery and Dream fulfillment.

Today is a great day and I have the opportunity to show up as the BEST ME EVER! I am a divine student of life and a servant to the world. My purpose is to grow spiritually and serve as a vessel of God’s will. I strive daily to nourish my body, mind, and spirit with truth, love, and light. I am an excellent giver and receiver. I am constantly building new and genuine relationships and I positively influence the lives of people world-wide. I inspire others to set their dreams into motion so they can live their best life and be their highest self.

My mission is to be the change I want to see in the world as I live my dream life & inspire others to live theirs. I teach and empower others to set their dreams into motion, unleash their inner greatness, and claim their interdependence through my brand, books, products, and services. I am constantly building new and genuine relationships and I positively influence the lives of people world-wide as an author, speaker, seminar leader, and SendOutCards Distributor.

  • I am the creator of my reality! All of my dreams come true! Everything is satisfying & simple!
  • I am always in the Vortex! I have everything that I ask for! My words always flow, my message is always received, my prayers are always answered & I make all the right decisions! I am guided by Divine Intelligence.
  • I am so happy now that Hayhouse is carrying my BRAND. I love sharing the stage with my mentor Wayne Dyer.
  • I love my 100 day paid vacations per year exploring the wonders & cultures of the world with my loved ones!
  • I love traveling between my seasonal luxury condos playing golf & tennis & enjoying the spa & fitness amenities.
  • I love exploring the national parks in my luxury RV meeting new friends & gathering new experiences & memories.
  • I am in love! I am in a passionate, happy, adventurous, and romantic relationship!
  • Carry Prema, the “Goal Scout” is a world-wide phenomenon and multi-million dollar brand! (a cartoon I created)
  • I think big “outside of the box” thoughts, relish small pleasures & handle setbacks gracefully!
  • I am an irresistible magnet with the absolute power to attract into my life everything that I desire! I am led into the pathways of peace, goodness, & prosperity.
  • I am committed to constant and never-ending personal improvement and I take massive actions to create my future as I want it! I am living my dream of making a living through giving with all I have to offer to the world!
  • I give thanks for the opportunity to serve humanity & I accept the rewards being sent to me by an abundant universe!
  • My brand, books, products, and services are inspiring and changing lives world-wide!
  • I am a marketing maven! I am a creator, inventor, & motivator!
  • I am in optimal shape and total health and enjoy boundless energy and vitality! I’m a vegetarian! Yoga is my way of life!
  • I am good! I am lucky! I am resourceful! Lucrative opportunities always come my way!
  • Avalanches of health, love, happiness, wealth, & opportunity fill my life!
  • I am attracting the right people into my personal life & business! I am an awesome people & opportunity connector!
  • I create the exact amount of my financial success! Money flows to me easy and effortlessly! I have a Millionaire Mind and reap seven-figure financial rewards.
  • I love paying for Andrew & Tayler’s College with my residual income from SendOutCards business and my Brand, books, products, and services.
  • Sales are the vehicle that will afford me the lifestyle that I desire and I excel at it!
  • People love to buy from me because I overwhelm them with value!
  • I retire happy, healthy, and wealthy and share sunsets and swing sets with the love of my life.

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