It Took Five Years to Start My Goals


JUNE, 2017

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In June of 1994, I took some time to write out my goals. I was about 25, and at the time, I was fully engaged in personal growth, and I set out on a path to create the life that I of purpose, the life I was meant to live. What I did not realize, is that it would take five long years before I set out to live my dreams and even started to achieve some of the most important goals I have ever set for myself… moreover, five years of my life passed by in an instant.

In what started out to be a simple exercise, I wrote out a vision for my life. On some 5x7 cards, I began to list out where I saw my life at various stages, at one month, six months, one year, three years, and five years. After writing my story, I sat back and marveled at what I had just created. A road map for success, what I would create, and where I was headed. I was excited for what I had just declared and eager to take on my life, to live with passion, and to achieve success on many levels. Completing these cards, they were put into an envelope, taken home, and tucked away. A few month later, I moved to Hawaii, and many items were left in storage, including my plan for a perfect life.

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Oahu, Hawaii

As the weeks went by, I soon forgot about the goals I had declared for myself. I started to enjoy the Hawaiian lifestyle, transitioned into a new career, and created a simple life for myself. I felt happy and secure in my direction (though I was unsure what I was doing), and I started to work in a comfortable industry. Life was good, or so I thought, and like most people, I began to live day by day. While many people saw me as having a perfect life, and seemingly I was happy, something was missing. I later learned this was a purpose and a passion for life.

“five years of my life gone in an instant and little to show for it”

As the years went by, I settled into my life. I visited family and friends in California several times, and every time I went to visit, I would pick up a box or two of some items I had left behind in storage. A couple of years later, I happen to take a small box that had some keepsake items, and inside was the envelope containing my stated goals that I had written many years earlier. Returning home, I put the box in my closet, and there they sat for a couple more years. What I learned much later was this was a huge mistake, one that cost me years regarding reaching and exceed my goals.

As I approached my 30th birthday, nearly five years after I had written out the most important goals in my life, I felt myself starting to struggle in life. I had recently been laid off (for what was now the fourth time in my life), and my happiness was declining. I was nowhere close to having what I had declared in life regarding career, income, and relationships, and I was feeling very stuck. Then it happened almost by accident; one of the single biggest breakthroughs I had ever made. While cleaning one day, I came across the envelope that contained the goal cards I had created nearly five years earlier. I open the envelope, started to read, and within minutes I was flooded with emotions. I quickly realized that everything I had written on the cards was exactly what I had desired for my life and I was devastated that I was nowhere close to achieving them. At 25 I had the insight to identify my vision for life, and sadly I allowed myself to get distracted, fall of course and let time pass by… five years of my life gone in an instant and I had little to show for it.

Jeramy Colvin, PsyD, MBA

Content and Training Development for TBWW

Realizing that five years had passed without reaching any of my long term goals was devastating, but also empowering. I planned a trip for my 30th birthday to the Big Island of Hawaii, where I spent some time reflecting on what was important to me, and I created a plan to achieve my now five-year-old goals. On June 9th, 1999, I hiked out to the flume at Mt. Kilauea, an active volcano, and it was there I declared my goals with actual meaning. On top of the list, was to become a doctor by the time I was 40, just 10 years out! I knew this was a big goal and a huge challenge, but one that I would achieve no matter what it would take.

From that day, I wasted no time. I enrolled in school, started my program on August 29, 1999, and for the next 10 years I pursued the most important goal in my life and achieved my goals. I am now living my passion, coaching others, and living life on my terms. While I could have easily reached this goal five years sooner, I look back and reflect on the many life lessons I learned along the way. I am also grateful to have connected with many coaches along the way who supported me in achieving my dreams and encouraging me to live a life of purpose. The real lesson here is what I share with others, and I now empower people to learn from my experience and take committed action to have what you say you deserve to have in life.

What do you want in life? What is your boldest goal or most daring dream? What will you do today to ensure that you achieve this tomorrow, or sooner than five years later?

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