Resolve today to “free” yourself from at least one time-consumer in your life or one activity or obligation that doesn’t serve you with health, happiness, and prosperity in the long term. Setting clear priorities in every area of your life will assure that you have time available to spend on what’s truly important to you and in your life. It is okay to say “NO” to those things that don’t serve you. Practice that.
A great and effective way to help you gauge what’s important and what serves you is to write a list of everything you lend your time to and cross check it with: Do I feel good or dutiful when I do this? Do I look forward to or do I dread doing this? Did I take this on out of passion or obligation? Am I on purpose in this commitment or task or am I in people pleasing motion? It’s time to trim the fat and make room for something true and authentic, or use that time and space to just “BE”.

*Traci Bogan created a cartoon character named Carry Prema “The Goal Scout” to help her share her message.  Traci was renamed ‘Carry Prema’ by Yogi Vinod Kumar – after spending 100 days in an Ashram in India.  It means “Where ever you go -bring love”.

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