Noun, one who has the unrelenting will to achieve their boldest goal or most daring dream that aligns with their soul’s purpose and brings them a life of prosperity and joy.

-Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur


Noun, those who have a disease called “somedayitis;” they have lofty goals, big dreams, and exciting aspirations that they intend to pursue some-day — but for most, like in the dictionary, death-day will always come before some-day.

-Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Romance 411

Romance 411

This blockbuster book is packed end-to-end with proven results-driven ideas for creating and sustaining romance in your relationship. Let this be your model and inspiration for romance, no occasion necessary. This jam packed book of unique gift ideas and creative tips will indulge the romantically challenged and natural-born romantics alike! Even if your idea of romance is more modest, there is no easier or more enjoyable road to “riches” than ROMANCE-411.

Here are just a few things you will learn in ROMANCE-411:

• How to find time to be romantic
• How to create a romantic bath
• How to emulate the sensual art of bathing your lover
• How to create “the mood” and “set the stage” for romance
• How to present your meal like an authentic Chef
• How to wrap a gift to brand an instant impression of royalty
• How to plan a “date” with your partner
• How to prepare the world’s most intimate dining experience

Grab your copy of Romance 411 now and jump start your relationship!

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