What you see is what you get…

During my 100 day stay at an ashram in India, my yoga guru, Vinod Kumar said “Wherever you go you can find something to complain about.”  He went on to say, “If we travel, we complain about lumpy mattresses and crowded airports. If we stay home, we complain that we never go anywhere interesting and there’s never anything good on television. If we go out to eat we complain that the service is too slow or the prices are too expensive.

If we cook at home, we complain that we can’t afford to eat out or that we are too tired to cook.  If we go to work we complain that we are overworked and underpaid.  If we don’t work, we complain that there are no jobs out there or we are bored with retirement.  If we are in a relationship we complain that they do not listen to us or they never do enough to please us.  If we are single we complain that we are lonely or that all the “good ones” are taken.  If we interact with the world, we complain that the world is not right or we cannot make a difference, so we don’t even try.  If we don’t interact with the world we complain that we have no friends or that our voice is never heard…..”

He challenged me and the other attendees for the next 100 days to find what’s right in the world, what’s right in any situation, what’s right in our relationships, what’s right in ourselves.  He contends that the mirror always reflects back on you; that whatever is inside of us, it what comes out of us.  Like an orange; when you squeeze an orange, orange juice comes out and spills onto its surroundings.  When you squeeze a happy person – happiness, joy, gratitude, laughter, and abundance comes out and spills into their surroundings and into their relationships.  When you squeeze an unhappy person – unhappiness, resentment, blame, victim, anger, resistance spills into their surroundings and into their relationships. Vinod suggests that we expend the same amount of effort to say thank you, talk someone “up” behind their back, give a hug, or tell someone that you care as we do when we criticize, gossip, blame, and point the finger at others.  But the difference is in the energy.  All of our actions leave a positive and negative residual that affects us in the same manor, even on an unconscious level.

After my 100 day challenge in the Nilgiri Mountains of India, focusing on what was right in the world and in my life, I felt profoundly empowered and witnessed life anew.  I challenge you to do start focusing on what is right in your life, in your relationships, in your circumstances, and in the world. Your life will evolve.  (If you like this post please retweet it to your friends or leave a comment below! Thank you for helping me spread the message!)

*Traci Bogan created a cartoon character named Carry Prema “The Goal Scout” to help her share her message.  Traci was renamed ‘Carry Prema’ by Yogi Vinod Kumar – after spending 100 days in an Ashram in India.  It means “Where ever you go, bring love”.

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