YES U-CAN! The 3 most transforming words you can ever give to another or receive.

At any age, in any condition, whatever the circumstance, whatever it is –U Can! You can bring to life the highest vision and purpose that is within you….when you know with unshakable belief and unquestionable certainty that what you are doing is the right thing for you, for your community, or for the betterment of humanity. When you know, you will BE! And you will BE unstoppable! You will find a way to make it happen and all the right people will show up in your life at all the right times to assist you. Your vision will meet your authentic purpose.

Yes U-Can! How do I know? See for yourself, there is a CAN in every CAN’t. Find it! Today is the day to begin!

CAN’T : 10 Steps for Losing the ‘T  so U-CAN!

1. Decide what you want. Ask yourself “what do I REALLY want?”  Write it down, read it, repeat it, and visualize yourself at the end point and beyond daily. Set it into continuous motion; take at least one step or action towards that goal each and every day.

2. Know Your Why? Why do you want it?  Understanding your motivation will help keep you zeroed in and focused.  It will help reconnect you with the energy, passion, and purpose you need to keep going when you feel weak,  hit pothole, or are encountered by a naysayer (which are usually your closest friends and family).

3. Have a POA or Plan of Action. Once you know what you want and why you want it, chunk it down into bite-sized pieces and get it on paper.  Break it up into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that lead to the completion of a bigger goal or plan.  Keep it simple. Just focus on what you need to do today and get that done! 

4. Enlist the Help of Others.  Find a mentor, accountability partner, coach or join a Master Mind group.  Surround yourself with positive people who are on your side of succeeding and whisper “Yes U-Can”.  Seek out people who have done what you want to do and shadow them.  Outsource things you’re not good at.  Make it win-win-win and watch how all the right people keep showing up at all the right times for you.

5. Keep Your Eye on the Vision.  Focus. Focus. Focus.  Stay laser focused on your end point and see yourself living it and it will become you.  When you encounter a roadblock or a setback…remember your WHY and keep moving.  You will find a way around it.  Focus on what it important and on completing your daily actions, steps, and tasks to reach your end point.  Let the unimportant things slide.

6. Enjoy the Journey. Savor.  Reflect. Smile.  Laugh.  Be positive.  Find good in others and in the world.  All are essential vitamins needed to give you the energy and perseverance that you need to carry and sustain you through your journey. 

7. Go on a Diet. Go on a 30 day diet from the distractions and negativity of the outside world; say goodbye to cable TV, news and media, surfing the net, playing games and video games, partying, your texting addiction,  gossiping, and the like.  You will be amazed at the amount of productive work you will get done and the mass of progress you will make in that time and how good you will feel!  Life or priorities will be more clear and easier for you to manage or change.  If you spend that same 30 days replacing those “toxins” with exercise, healthy food, and inspirational messages you will be on a whole new stratosphere in life! 

8. Be an Incessant Learner.  Spend at least 15 minutes a day reading or listening to inspirational or motivational works.  Ask yourself “What did I learn today?” especially when things go wrong, find the lesson, learn, grow, and move forward.

9. Be Perseverant. Never Give Up. Remember your WHY!  When things get tough, keep moving forward.  It is okay to rest when you feel tired but it is not okay to quite.  There are 7 Billion people in the world and you only need one person to believe in you – that person is you!  Your success in life is dependent upon your belief about it and how you respond and adapt to life’s adversities.  U-Can do it…if this is really what you want.

10. Give. Give thanks for the journey and pay your knowledge forward.  When you give you will receive ten-fold.  Be a servant to the world and the world will be your oyster.

*Traci Bogan created a cartoon character named Carry Prema “The Goal Scout” to help her share her message.  Traci was renamed ‘Carry Prema’ by Yogi Vinod Kumar – after spending 100 days in an Ashram in India.  It means “Where ever you go -bring love”.

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