“Be the change you seek in the world.” —Ghandi

To be the change, you must take action. Being the change means being fully confident in the value you provide through your product or service. It is being fully confident in yourself, and in your ability to manifest your vision. How do you get that self-assurance?

Again, we turn to the critical question: What is your why? Your why will fall in one of these categories.

  1. Self-Actualization – Being The Change. Paving a path for current generations to join and for future generations to follow is a way to realize your potential in life.
  2. Profound Service – Living Your Purpose. Creating a difference by assisting others gives you meaning in life.
  3. Enjoyable Journey – Loving Your Life. Expressing joy is a contagious way to inspire others and live a fulfilled life.
  4. Financial Prosperity – Having Resources to Live on Your Terms. Experiencing abundance and a life of plentifulness gives you a broad range of opportunities in life.

When you keep your eye on the why, you are willing to act outside your comfort zone. This puts you on the journey to be an unstoppable force for good in the world. Be bold. Align your efforts with your authentic highest values, commit to your vision, and play full out.


When you are in alignment with your goal, you are set up to focus on the present moment while maintaining a long-term view that helps you measure your results and the impact of your daily actions. Aligning your beliefs, perspectives, attitude, and behavior with your specific objectives improves your probability of success. It boosts your productivity and it builds confidence. You will not only believe, you will know 100% that your definition of transformational, revolutionary success is not only possible, but it’s also possible for you! That means being authentic.


Live with full authenticity. The personal work you do to get into alignment must happen in step with the work you do to realize your goals. Doing inner and outer work together creates momentum that empowers you to breakthrough limitations, meet challenges, and continually expand what is possible for you. You must take action.


Don’t let things happen by accident but make them happen with intention. It’s the small, consistent actions that builds the life you most want. You don’t have to work 24/7, but you must put in the time every day and be consistent. Have a plan. Be in charge. Think and act in alignment with your vision for yourself.  To be consistent means to fully dedicate yourself completely to a task, activity or goal. It means to fully stay engaged without distraction.


Consistency requires allegiance to yourself and your goal. It means dedicating yourself to sustained effort over time, and it means keeping your word to your self. You follow through with what you set out to do consistently over time until your goal is achieved. As such, allegiance is all about your dedication to yourself to be dependable, reliable, and responsible for your choices and actions.

The world awaits your unique self. Whether you’re just starting, or if you’re starting again… you must act in accordance with your goal. Take a step in the direction of your desires!

Dare to Dream, Dreampreneurs,



Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur, provides coaching for following your dream and creating a purpose driven life. Check out the story of her journey in The Backpack Diaries — her best selling book. Take a transformational journey around the world without leaving your own backyard!


Traci Bogan — author, speaker, coach — is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery and women’s empowerment. She is a renowned keynote speaker bringing inspiration and motivation to audiences around the world. Get in touch and let Traci entertain, enlighten, and empower your audience!

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