Got A Dream? It’s Time You Choose It!

You have a choice among many. The choice you must make first is to select the goal or dream you have for your life purpose. Choose it. Be willing. Even if you don’t feel ready, get ready to be ready!

Choose how you will be of service to the world. How will you make a difference in a way that makes your heart feel fulfilled? Give yourself permission to do this — you are the highest authority in your life.

Choose to believe this is possible for you. If it is possible for one it is possible for every one! Know that this is possible for you. Don’t let anyone convince you to shut down your vision. As Abraham Hicks taught, each of us possess an untapped potential within to have, do, be, see, and give anything we desire – anytime that we choose.

Choose to know that is okay to make money while making the contribution you are called to make. Do the world the favor of being an example of one who has it all by following their calling. Become and embody the highest version of you sharing the talents you hold that serve the world and fill your heart (and your bank account!).

Confront limiting beliefs and lack of worthiness to receive so that you are open to living a life of service and purpose. Confront the opinions and beliefs of others — do not let them sway you. Your gifts are essential. Act as a visionary.

Commit to the path and be an unstoppable force. Do what it takes to succeed. Work with possibility whether it is one person at a time or in a community or across the world, make your mark. It will have an effect that will expand like a ripple across a pond.

Be who you are meant to become. Step into the highest version of yourself. One of the tools I used to launch my Dreampreneur life is a list. Yes. A list. Make a list. You can see my list of what I want to BE, SEE, HAVE, EXPERIENCE, & GIVE here.

MY personal “Dreams” list is not open for your judgement nor is it meant to impress you, it is meant to inspire you into action to create your own list, get your creative juices flowing and stretch imagination into what is possible.

Life turns on a dime. We are only here for an 80-year dream, if we are lucky. How much more time are you going to waste not having what you want to have, seeing what you want to see, being what you want to be, doing what you want to do, and giving what you want to give?

Tomorrow was never promised to you…take the step today! Imagine where you can be in one year from now or in five years, for that matter – if you just take one step. In truth, one step at a time is never too difficult!

Enjoy the process. When you love the privilege of doing what you enjoy doing, you will give more and get more. Be grateful. Be bold. Follow your inner compass.

Dare to Dream, Dreampreneurs,



Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur, provides coaching for following your dream and creating a purpose driven life. Check out the story of her journey in The Backpack Diaries — her best selling book that has just been signed to become a motion picture!


Traci Bogan — author, speaker, coach — is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery and women’s empowerment. She is a renowned keynote speaker bringing inspiration and motivation to audiences around the world. Get in touch and let Traci entertain and enlighten your audience!

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