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Hi! I’m Traci

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life

Traci Bogan is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on becoming a Soul Integrated Entrepreneur and Living a Soul Integrated Life.

While many others are busy talking the talk, Traci is busy walking the walk. With nothing more than a backpack and an adventurous spirit, Traci set off to explore 55 countries in 6 continents. She has made a career of putting herself front and center to show others how to move through their fears and take the courageous aligned actions to achieve their own Inspired Dreams. She has been featured on FOX,ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as many talk radio shows and podcasts. She has written four books and has made more sales from the truck of her car herself than through all online, affiliates and bookstore sales combined.

Traci Bogan

The breadth of Traci’s life experiences is beyond ordinary. A couple proud milestones are when she spearhead a campaign to increase the Criminal Statute of Limitations for sex crimes on children. As a survivor of sexual abuse herself, her grass-root efforts helped change Wisconsin’s law on childhood sexual abuse for future generations. And when in the spirit of burning curiosity to explore Island life, urged on by the chilling winter weather, Traci decided she was moving to Hawaii. She left30days later and landed a job with a world famous Plastic Surgeon and had the most amazing decade of her life. Some other fun feathers in her cap include petting a whale in Baja, bottle feeding a lion in Africa, riding a camel in Egypt, walking the Great Wall of China, climbing Machu Picchu, sailing the Greek Islands for 6 weeks naked, living in Alaska for 6 months and teaching English in China for a semester. She seasonally divides her time between Arizona, Florida and Wisconsin

Her greatest milestone of all was spawned after she transitioned out of a job as a cake decorator at Walmart for $11.25 an hour and into a job selling high-end coaching programs for some name brand Guru’s, becoming a Million Dollar Producer. She quickly recognized that there was a flaw in the integrity of the industry. After she broke free from the golden handcuffs of those coveted sales positions, where “living your dream” only applied to the paying clients, she set off on a mission to change the paradigm to a new way of coaching in the often over-promised and under-delivered Plastic Coaching Industry. Her vision is to seta new standard and expectation in how we serve as a whole, which brings integrity back to the industry the way it should be and an ROI back to the client, the way it ought to be. In the new way of coaching, the transfer of power shifts from the coach to the coachable and from gleamingly glorified “Guru-ification” to tangible client transformation.

Traci assists women and entrepreneurs to become Dreampreneurs by building a life, business and legacy that reflects their Soul-Mission and aligns with their vision, virtues and values so they can experience true freedom in life, growth in business, impact on others, and contribution to all. Her exchanges include: The Soul Integrated Woman, The Soul Integrated Entrepreneur, The Soul Integrated Life, and The Soul Integrated Legacy.

About Traci

The Unfulfilled Entrepreneur & The Entrepreneurial Ferris Wheel

My soul came to this planet to assist, guide, coach and mentor women (and a few daring men) to achieve their own definition of freedom through creating a legacy life and business that reflects their Soul-Mission and aligns with their vision and values.

What I have found is that many entrepreneurs do not have a business that reflects their Soul-Mission. Most took action and built a business before they aligned their actions with their vision and values to create that Soul Integrated business.

One that allows them to experience the true freedom in life, growth in business, impact on others and contribution to all, that they yearn for and that their soul came here to experience and deliver.

This misalignment gradually erodes their relationships, energy, personal fulfilment and overall life balance and well being. It instils a restlessness and a void deep inside of their soul that they tend to cover up by sedating themselves with whatever makes them feel good so they don’t have to do the inner work to fully drop in and allow their True-Self to be the transmitter they’re here to be.

They built a business on the school of thought that it’s all about the message, about the content, about the offer, about the price, about how itlooks, about how they look, about what it says, about the way it says it, about how they do it… It’s not about any of those things at all. Those things are all the secondary icing on the cake.

It’s all about what consciousness they are in when they create their business and who they who they “BE” when they share it. It’s not “build itand they will come.” No. No. It’s BE IT and they will come. Their presence is the power that attracts dream clients and sales and creates impact and legacy.

Because they weren’t present, they unconsciously built a business upon a foundation of an “unworthy” or “not enough” program that runs in the background of their life like a well-oiled machine versus a business built on the remembrance of their Heart-Wisdom and built from their Soul-Mission.

There’s a cost to building a business that way. They get billed daily in trading their freedom for a golden noose, trading their hours for money and trading their wellbeing for burnout in the name of success, wealth, notoriety and recognition. The very empty-caloric fillings that feed their addictions that are a coping mechanism for them not feeling like they are “enough” and “worthy” just as they are.

They ponder, “why isn’t this working for me?”

As they awaken from a sense of unfulfillment that has left them out ofintegrity with their soul, they feel the calling for something more.

They know they are meant to do more, be more, experience more, share more, reach more, earn more, contribute more and live a life of more, and now, more than ever, in a more meaningful and authentic way. They now know that their business is deeper than money and a means to an end just to support their lifestyle, it’s a legacy, a mission that’s bigger than them. In fact, it’s more than just a name, a business or a brand, it’s a company with a meaningful mission that truly impacts people and creates a positive change in the world.

One that embodies and represents what’s important to them and define show they measure success. One that supports their lifestyle and provides them with freedom of time, money, purpose, location and relationships.

One that allows them to circulate their wealth to causes, projects and people they support and believe in. One that keeps them creatively energized and powered by the Soul Integration of who they areas a woman.

Over time, a void began to reveal itself and then widen, as they take in the harsh reality that the legacy life and business they once envisioned building, still seems so far away and they are not as far along in their business that they hoped to be by now.

The reality is, they experience inconsistent motivation and energy; one moment they feel like they’re on top of the world, then the next momentthey just want to crawl into bed and pull the covers over their head in frustration, burnout or exhaustion.

They have short bursts of action that feel inspired, but have no real strategy, no clear path, no calendarized plan and no accountability in place to keep themselves on track and make the strides they hoped to.

They beat themselves up for not understanding how to move them selves forward or fix their marketing and sales, so they go right back to doing what’s comfortable even though what’s comfortable has never worked.

They just can’t seem to move the needle any further than where they are in terms of aligning their impact and income with their sales and bank account. They are working countless hours and still can’t crack the code of bringing predictability into their business and bringing consistency of deposits into their bank account.

They are stuck on the “Entrepreneur Ferris Wheel.” They haven’t made the intention big enough to be worth the amount of discomfort they would walkthrough in order to be revealed, in order to be cleared, in order to be healed, in order to be transmuted, in order to be aligned in their True-Self.

So they ride the path of least resistance and fall back to their programs and patterns of up, down, and stuck because it’s familiar and comfortable. Round and round they go week after week, month after month, year after year losing any momentum they may have had around all their resistance points, preventing them from stepping into the unique, amazing Soul Integrated leader they are meant to be.

They feel like the life is being sucked from their soul. They are settling for good and good enough instead of striving for excellence and legacy – and they know it.

They wonder, “do I really have what it takes?”

They know there’s a piece missing but they don’t know what it is or where to find it or even where to place their energy and effort so business will flow.

They don’t see that their business doesn’t flow because they are not inflow. They don’t see that the piece that is “missing” is their connection with their true-self.

They don’t see that the greatest asset and tool they possess to assist them on their journey to achieving their Inspired Dreams is their own internal compass, their personal “true north,” that I refer to as the The Golden Compass.

And just as a compass points toward a magnetic field, The Golden Compass directs their path and points them toward their North Star. That secret, sacred place where their greatest powers live, their powers to be present, to awaken, to remember and to raise their own consciousness. This is True Wealth.

When they start from that alignment first and then follow the inspiration that is spawned from that alignment, they naturally become the receiver of a divine guidance making all of their deepest desires real. They serve better, are better, do better, live better, lead better and BE better… as a Soul Integrated Entrepreneur.

The natural by-product of living and leading consciously from their heart, is building a legacy life and business that they are in love with and cannot wait to broadcast to the world, where their Dream Clients are awaiting their impact and wisdom and will pay handsomely for it.

That was me.

I was there.

And this is my story…

My Journey From Hole to Whole

After backpacking around the world for two years, spirit called me for something more. In a single choice, gone was my 18 year career in the medical field.

I wrote my first book and started my speaking and coaching business in2005, sharing my life lessons from backpacking around the world. I dragged it along for more than a decade or rather, it dragged me.

I almost always had to work another job to support my “Soul Inspired” business through the cycles of feast or famine. Sure, the $30,000 months were amazing IF it happened every month – and it didn’t! I was tired of yo-yo income in-between a gig and that next big payday.

To fund my first business and publish my first book, I lowered my expenses, used interest free credit cards, sold my plasma and even things out of my home as a temporary stall until I could figure out this sales and marketing stuff…

It would become a measure only to delay the inevitable admission – that years had passed and I still didn’t know how to consistently book business and make the sales that I dreamed of or create the impact that I intended.

I invested in a lot of support. I had purchased all the systems, took all the courses, been through all the programs, invested in all the coaches, attended all the events, zenned out at all the retreats and hired out all the tech, ads, and funnel people. I binge-watched videos on mindset, personal development, marketing, sales… you name it… I did it – to the tune of more than $100,000 in my continuing education.

No matter how many programs I purchased, how many coaches I hired, how many events I attended or even how much content I consumed, there was never a full set of keys to the kingdom. And I simply didn’t feel seen or supported in their cookie-cutter approach to success.

I instead felt like a number and a sale in these one-size-fits-all programs. My bank account didn’t grow, it actually slowly depleted in $3,000-$15,000 increments. I never saw a single financial ROI from any of those programs in my business.

There were so many ups and downs. I was on the “Entrepreneur Ferris Wheel” that rotated in a circle, up, down, stuck and round and round I went week after week, month after month, year after year never making the real impact or the legacy, I knew I was here to make.

Business tested all of my insecurities. Eventually, I was so exhausted from the constant grind to book new clients, so burned out from the sea of

coaching competition and so frustrated with trying to convince the broke- mindset people to invest in themselves, that I finally let go of my obsessive grip of having my own business and being a speaker and a coach. I quit.

The High-Ticket Cost to My Soul

In 2017, I transitioned into selling High-Ticket Coaching and Mastermind services and running Coaching Zone sales at Live Events for other successful coaches around the nation.

In the last five years, I’ve had several coveted sales positions for some of the biggest name-brand gurus in the Plastic Coaching Industry. I quickly reached the top, becoming a million-dollar producer and a star employee.

It was a poised and competitive role and I repeatedly raked in cash bonuses, trophies, perks and all the accolades that came with it, year after year. I was a High-Ticket Sales Rockstar! Others sought me out to learn my proprietary method.

I didn’t just reach my goals, I smashed them. My biggest win, outside of making a $60,000 sale, was gaining an insiders innerstanding of the architecture and an eagle eye view of the good, the bad and ugly of the culture that happens behind the scenes.

By traditional standards, I was successful. And by my standards, I was unfulfilled. I had traded my freedom for a golden noose, traded my hours for money and traded my wellbeing for burnout. I learned that achievement does not guarantee fulfillment.

What took me down was the internal politics, in-congruencies and double standards of the patriarchal hierarchy between the company, the Guru, the staff, the team and the clients.

Turns out, the only ones who get to “have it all” and “live the dream” were the paying clients who invested thousands. The dream didn’t apply to the sales team or the coaches who supported those clients and held them accountable to their inspired dreams, while growing millions in revenue for the company.

I aptly referred to my 40-50 hour a week posh and pressurized sales position as the “Leash-Based” business and affectionately called it my “Golden Noose.”

I knew something had to change, but I didn’t know what —until I did.— It was 1am on a Monday morning and I couldn’t sleep. I tossed and turned, and tangled myself in the sheets and in the dread of my mind.

I was internally nauseous at the thought of having to wake up and conduct another day of sales calls for a guru and a company I no longer believed in the integrity of.

I grabbed my laptop, sat up in bed and typed out my resignation letter in the middle the night and hit send. I felt free. I had no plan and nothing lined up. I just knew I couldn’t bare another call or another day inside of that greedy and manipulative culture. My soul wouldn’t let me.

The Broken Promise of The Plastic Coaching Industry

Spoiler Alert: Those Expert Guru’s and Glamor Coaches do not hold the keys to your wealth kingdom, YOU do! You possess The Golden Compass within to guide you, all you have to do is awaken and access its powers.

I believe “good coaching” guides you home to yourself. It empowers you to uncover your answers within. THAT inner connection, pointing you to your True North, is what provides clarity on your path and aligned action on your plan.

I believe there is a broken promise inside of The Plastic Coaching Industry. That broken promise is that most Expert Guru’s and Glamour Coaches over-promise and under-deliver on their services and lead you to believe that if you just have the courage to invest big, you will get big returns and get the keys to the wealth kingdom.

This eludes that the investment itself, is all that’s required for your life of success and grander, leaving a gap for broken expectations to root. Most businesses (and people) require time to process and create success without the clock ticking on program access and support.

I believe that the craze of “scaling your business” has swept The Plastic Coaching Industry with a cookie cutter, factory approach to growing a business and making money that doesn’t work for everyone.

I believe that entrepreneurs starting or growing a business who invest in a

$10,000-$50,000 coaching program can be pushed to rush through building their business, program or offering from a place of desperation rather than inspiration.

I believe building a Legacy Life and Business and creating wealth is not one-size-fits-all framework. It’s a very individualized path that requires individualized support over time that requires to align with their vision, virtues, values and Soul-Mission.

I believe the Expert Guru’s and Glamour Coaches have become so big that they’ve lost the personal touch of coaching that is so critically important in Human Development.

I believe they’ve lost the sense of being “alongside” of their clients rather than above them. They’ve lost that identity with the common man and the greatness in every common man, by making themselves rich off of their desperation and lack of information.

I believe there is a missed opportunity in The Plastic Coaching Industry to truly empower not just the paying clients, but the team and the staff alike in creating their own unique version of freedom so they can paint the mural of a life they love and actually have the time to enjoy it.

I believe there is a missed opportunity in The Plastic Coaching Industry in the way we serve, to bring integrity back to the industry the way it should be and an ROI back to the client, the way it ought to be.

My experience has been, that between 85% plus of the clients that I enrolled into High-Ticket programs did not get the ROI on their investment from their business. The model didn’t allow for their entrepreneurial skills to be developed and lead to frustration and discouragement and some giving up on their Inspired Dreams.

How do I know? Because I developed relationships and forged bonds with many of them. I later interviewed some of them and tracked the results of my findings or there lack of for my own personal interest and eventual Mission to change this.

Many did gain a temporary boost in clarity and energy, identified some of their limiting beliefs and enjoyed others they met in the program, but most did not gain a financial return on their investment that they had anticipated and even expected. A number of them even went deeper into debt, chased more shiny courses and programs and even quit on their dream, like I did.

How The Soul Integrated Entrepreneur Was Born

And The 3 Experiences That Shaped My Legacy Life & Business

Experience One:

Showing Me How It’s Done

During my journey on the outside, as a $100,000+ consumer and on the inside, as a Million-Dollar Producer in The Plastic Coaching Industry, only one got it right and showed me how it’s done.

I met her at a mutual friends wedding. She heard I worked for some name- brand gurus and asked what that experience was like which opened the door for me to learn more about who she was and how she served. She was so genuine and easy to talk with. No airs. No ego. No Scarcity Mentality.

She mentioned she was looking for someone to take over the sales at her company and asked if I knew anyone who would like part-time work with the opportunity to make a full-time income. I initially asked for the information to pass on to a friend as I really believed I was “done” in and with The Plastic Coaching Industry.

When she emailed me the job description and her company core values, I immediately knew that opportunity and that company was for ME! I was IN.

A woman based company who values time off to spend with people you love, doing things you love, where everyone works part-time and makes above the industry standard pay grade.

A company that prides itself on real client results, profit shares with its team who makes it all happen and encourages everyone on board to use the platform, systems and coaching to build your own businesses and create your own wealth so we can serve projects and support causes we believe in. Are.You. Kidding. Me.

That position and that company restored my faith and expanded my purpose in The Plastic Coating Industry. I am a proud affiliate and collaborative partner with Tammy Lane and Funnel Cures. The Soul Integrated Entrepreneur was built using the Funnel Cures platform and I extend these services with my own clients in my own business that she lovingly encouraged me to pursue.

Experience Two:

The Awakening

After working with thousands of high-ticket coaching clients and selling millions of dollars of courses, coaching, and masterminds myself, I knew there was a better way to serve our clients, the industry and the world at large.

It was in the gathering of feedback from so many past clients who I enrolled into those overpromised and underdelivered programs that I once believed in, when it occurred to me… that their story was MY story too!

I was not alone. They are not broken. I am not broken. The Plastic Coaching Industry is broken.

I pondered, what is it about me that can make a MILLION DOLLARS selling programs for THEM, but not for me?

I asked myself some powerful questions from the mindset of: “It’s Totally Possible!”

  1. If I consistently produced for them, is it possible that I can exercise my courage muscle and do it for me?
  • Is it possible that there are women (and a few daring men) who are waiting for me to get out of my own way and show up and share my wisdom and knowledge with them?
  • Could my most courageous self do it afraid and align the correct combination of actions, mindsets and tools to experience the integration, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually required become the truest version of me to deliver my wisdom and knowledge?
  • Am I in a Pitiful or Powerful State of Being to support my intention of having an incredible and thriving Soul Integrated Legacy life and business? And how can I maintain a Powerful State so I can become a circulator of wealth and make a positive impact in the lives of others and on the world?
  • What is my plan, path and support to get back in the game and create the new way of coaching and how will I be held accountable to it?

It was in the asking and the answering of these questions when I knew I was answering “the calling.” My soul came to this planet to build and leave a legacy through the vehicle called The Soul Integrated Entrepreneur.

Experience Three:

The New Beginning

I finally gained the courage and the confidence to lean in and create the The Soul Integrated Entrepreneur. I was laying out all of the pieces I had gather through the years and laying out my offer, strategy, path and plan.

And then Mom died. Her sudden onset of stage 4 brain cancer at age 69 and then her untimely passage, consumed me and then leveled me.

She was perfectly healthy, active and energized. No symptoms, never been on a prescription in her life, exercised 6 days a week for decades, ate well and took care of herself.

She was happy in her life and her and my Dad were still in love in their 52 year marriage. And by golly, she still had a full head of black hair, un-dyed! She was my biggest fan, the center of my world and the Matriarch of our family.

Few knew that the very moment I received that fateful phone call on Christmas Eve, I packed a suitcase, booked a flight, and headed cross country to Wisconsin to be with her for what would be our last Christmas together.

She went to the doctor because food tasted like metal for a week. He assigned her a death sentence on that day and she accepted it and 6 months later, succumbed to it.

I instantaneously became her giver of care, changing my work schedule, cutting back on my sales calls load, halting my business launch, canceling a booked vacation, and not returning back to my home for nearly a

year. While mom was public with her battle, I was private in mine. Only my closest friends knew of the pain we were going through.

It was my privilege and honor to care for her and serve her and I would do it all again. After a year of grieving deeply, I am discovering who I am without the attachment to my mother that I didn’t even know that I had.

I am reclaiming and reinventing me. Biggest of all, I’m awakening a legacy life, business, brand and company driven by mission and purpose, or shall I say, it’s creating me. And the accompanying book is writing me, I’m not writing it.

I am honoring my mom by healing me and getting back in the game of life and back to the things that are important to me, which is expanding my consciousness, creating content, delivering programs and cultivating relationships, which brings me back to sharing my wisdom and knowledge with you.

Though mom’s unexpected departure took me out of the game of life for over a year, I had already taken myself out of the game of business for the previous five.

I know now, that all of these experiences, painful, uncomfortable and heartbreaking as they were, created the space for me to dig deep within my soul and answer the age old Golden Questions:


My “failed”attempts at business weren’t failed at all. It was what I required to experience Soul Integration, physically, mentally, emotionally and

spiritually. I simply had not grown into the version of me who could deliver the care, the compassion, the love, the light and the voice of who I am in this moment.

I learned that being a Soul Integrated Entrepreneur is more than building a strong, vital and profitable business vehicle. It’s about being fully integrated as a woman, living your purpose and your mission and aligning your vehicle to be in service of that. It’s about effectively assisting the people you’re meant to serve. It’s about so much more than business and profit.

It’s about a profoundly personal journey to being conscious and mining the gold, the wisdom and the gifts within. It’s the path you take to explore and uncover who you are at the deepest level. Embodying your True-Self as a conscious creator and integrating the whole version of you into your life and business.

It’s the neglected path of introspection and doing the deep inner-work that you’ve been ignoring, avoiding and afraid of your w(hole) life. This void has left you out of integrity with your soul and the sharing of the Heart-Wisdom that you came to impart, the Soul-Mission that you came to fulfill and the Legacy you came to build and leave.

When you explore and uncover who you are at the deepest level and allow yourself to be fully seen, heard and supported, it ushers in the opportunity to marvel at all of the dazzling gems and priceless works of art within you that have never been discovered and unearthed until now in the forgotten time capsule of your True-Self.

The journey can be exciting, arduous and challenging and is an inside job. Every journey requires planning, preparation and a semblance of the correct combination of actions, mindsets and tools to experience Soul Integration, as a woman, as an entrepreneur. You are being called. Are you willing to answer the call?

It’s Your Time to Dream it. Plan it. Live it. Be it!

Happy Expanding on Your Journey To Building Your Legacy Life & Business!

I would be honored to be your guide! Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Welcome To The New Way of Coaching

The Paradigm Shift: We set a new standard and expectation in The Plastic Coaching Industry in the way we serve, that brings integrity back to the industry the way it should be and an ROI back to the client, the way it ought to be. In the new way of coaching, the transfer of power shifts from a gleamingly glorified “Guru-ification” to a tangible client transformation.

Be in the Know. Be in the New!

We Believe:

  • “I complete me” is the new “You complete me.”
  • A Healthy Self-Image is the new Facelift.
  • Self Love is the new True Love.
  • Self-Care is the new Health Care.
  • Soulful is the new Beautiful.
  • Conscious is the new Sexy.
  • BEing is the new DOing.
  • Presence is the new Achievement.
  • Fulfillment is the new Success.
  • Creating a Legacy is the new Building an Empire.
  • Alignment is the new High Performance.
  • Flow and Align is the new Hustle and Grind.
  • Lifestyle-Lifestyle is the new Lifestyle-Business.
  • Mentoring is the new Coaching.
  • “Upserve” is the new “Upsell.”
  • Inner-Guidance is the new Guru-ification.
  • Self-Actualization is the new Transformation.
  • Authenticity is the New Rich.
  • Living your Purpose is the new True Wealth.
  • Spiritually Correct is the new Politically Correct.

The resonance of shifting from being in “the know” to being in “the new” spawns change into the ethers and is the catalyst for changing yourself.

When you raise your own consciousness, you can change the consciousness of your surrounding relationships.

When you reach one other person and they raise their consciousness, they can raise the consciousness of their marriage, and if they can raise the consciousness of their marriage, they can raise the consciousness of their family, and if they raise the consciousness of their family, they can raise the consciousness of their community, and if they raise the consciousness of their community, they can raise the consciousness of their city. If they can raise the consciousness of their city, they can raise the consciousness of their state, and if they can raise the consciousness of of their state, they can raise the consciousness of country, and if they can raise the consciousness of the country, the can raise the consciousness of world.

The Butterfly if effect is real, is powerful and is beautiful. Forget being in the Know! Be in the new!

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