Noun, one who has the unrelenting will to achieve their boldest goal or most daring dream that aligns with their soul’s purpose and brings them a life of prosperity and joy.

-Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur


Noun, those who have a disease called “somedayitis;” they have lofty goals, big dreams, and exciting aspirations that they intend to pursue some-day — but for most, like in the dictionary, death-day will always come before some-day.

-Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur


Traci Bogan is the world’s first Dreampreneur and leading expert on goal mastery and self-empowerment.

Traci has backpacked 75,000 miles, in 6 continents, through 54 countries. Traci has made a career of putting herself front and center to show others how to break through their fears and ignite the courage to achieve their boldest goal or most daring dream through her books, retreats, and coaching program. She has been featured on FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, as well as many radio shows and is an International Best-Selling Author of four books.

Traci has lived in China, teaching English at the World Exchange College of Language, as well as Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, Arizona, and Wisconsin. The breadth of Traci’s life experiences is beyond ordinary. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, she spearheaded a campaign to increase the Criminal Statute of Limitations for sex crimes on children. Her grass-root efforts helped change Wisconsin’s law on child sexual abuse. It is dubbed The Bogan Bill.” And, her best selling book THE BACKPACK DIARIES has been optioned by MIRROR DOG PRODUCTIONS to be made into a movie!

Traci works with women entrepreneurs to connect with their soul’s purpose and create more freedom, fortune and FUN in their lives.

Gain access to your magic compass, witness the unique perspective and be inspired by Traci Bogan’s intrinsic universal life lessons from backpacking through 54 countries. Traci is a renowned speaker, best-selling author, and proven authority of women’s transformations globally. Find out how this exciting world adventure transformed Traci’s life and can TRANSFORM yours!  Learn how to shift the needle from “someday” to “this day” with proven and fun tools. Contact Traci today to start your Dreampreneur journey.

“Following your dream is not a matter of time or money, it’s a matter of choice and courage!” —Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Team Collaborators

Kim Marie

Kim Marie

Writer | Producer | Director | Actor | Entrepreneur | Humanitarian

Kim Marie is a seasoned professional with broad experience and a solid foundation in the film industry, business ventures, market- ing and advertisement. Her philosophy is to produce media products that are an organic unity of integral works of art showcasing the human spirit, and to inspire change. Her ex- pertise of collaborating art and business have resulted in compelling and successful cause- related marketing.

Kim is the President and Founder of Mirror Dog Productions and Mirror Dog Media. She has brought together an accomplished and devoted team of professionals who are dedicated to producing powerful, creative, momentous, inspirational television and films, and to creating engaging media representation for organizations and companies.

Kim’s dedication to philanthropic causes has been a strong focus of her productions. She spends countless hours bringing education, awareness and support for many cause related endeavors and campaigns. Current projects include the feature film Urban Myths, and the series True Passages. She also has a feature film Left Without Hope in pre-development, and several additional projects in various stages of development.

Garnering over 15 years of experience in the film industry, Kim has worked with many successful writers, producers, directors, and some of Hollywood’s top talent. She brings a broad understanding and knowledge to the productions of films, television, and internet endeavors. Both behind and in front of the camera, Kim has worked in every aspect of the film industry including feature films, television, and theatre while taking on roles as writer, actor, production assistant, assistant director, location scout, hair & makeup, and as part of the crew. Furthering her education, Kim attended UCLA’s screenwriting program. Her projects & experience includes the motion pictures White Out and Cosmic Radio; the WB Network and the Wayne Brady Show; as well as working on numerous commercials and print media — to name a few.

As a Marketing & Advertising Consultant assisting clients with marketing strategies that increase sales and brand loyalty. Kim also provides leadership dynamically and effectively, and has a keen way of improving steady growth and sustainability in today’s changing business world. She has taken on partnerships in multi- million dollar companies in which she strategically organized and restructured the company progressively through effective marketing and advertising strategies — all the while stabilizing operations to adapt to the ever increasing demand for services.

Prior to entrepreneurship, Kim’s initial start into her career began with honing her skills during ten plus years experience as a Executive Protection/Private Investigations, K9 Handler/Animal Behaviorist, Deputy Sheriff and Investment Banking.

Kim Marie sits on the Board of Directors for GMH Foundation, and is an active supporter for several organizations. She is a member of Women in Film & Video and the Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. For fun, she is also a certified scuba diver, working on her pilot’s license, and an established equine and K9 Behaviorist/Trainer.

Jackie Ulmer

Jackie Ulmer

Social Media Strategist

Jackie Ulmer is a Social Media and Lifestyle Business Strategist. Solopreneurs hire her to strategize with them on how to build a brand and tribe of raving fans online, and make more money! Think of all of the time and money you are wasting on Social Media. How would your business be different if you knew how to spend less time, and make the time you do spend fun and profitable? Life and business are meant to be FUN, and social media is the greatest tool ever to allow you to build a true Lifestyle business. She began her own journey in business in 1994, in the Direct Sales Profession. In 1999, she discovered the Internet and her true passion. She quickly shot to the top of her company, breaking every sales and team building record, and built a multi million dollar business and brand. She did all of this from a small community in the mountains of Southern California, without even a stop light! She likes to call it her “Pinch Me, Lifestyle Business.” In 2008, other Direct Sales Companies, Real Estate Agencies and other Entrepreneurs began hiring her to teach her proven strategies for running a successful business using Social Media. Today, she is going to cover the 3 Myths of Social Media and the truths you need to know to achieve exactly what you want.
Jeramy Colvin, PsyD, MBA

Jeramy Colvin, PsyD, MBA


With expertise in marketing, psychology, and entrepreneurism, Dr. Jeramy brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. He has extensive background in coaching and training others, and he has helped thousands of students to build business. Dr. Jeramy is a professor of psychology and business, and he consults with many organizations and individuals in the development of organizational structure, team development, and marketing materials that drive success.
Kristin Jackson

Kristin Jackson


Kristin, a native of North Carolina, has been a Hawaii resident for over twenty years.  Kristin has a varied background, offering full-service marketing, advertising and public relations consulting to a wide-range of clients in the retail, commercial and entertainment industries.  As owner of Jackson INK, she has represented prominent non-profit organizations, the famed television show, Baywatch Hawaii, Morimoto Waikiki and most recently as the Unit Publicist for ABC Studios and their popular television shows, LOST, Off the Map and Last Resort. Kristin is proud to also represent talented musicians, local independent filmmakers and performing arts groups in Honolulu. Current clients include Blue Note Hawaii, Broadway In Hawaii, Rainbow Organics, Hawaii Symphony, Hawaii Theatre, Honolulu Club, IONA Contemporary Dance Theatre, Island Film Group, Morimoto Maui and the Manoa Valley Theatre.
Mike Zielonka

Mike Zielonka

Marketing and Web Consultant

As Co-Founder of Tuna Traffic and Director of Web Strategy, Mike is Tuna Traffic’s “Push the Needle Forward Guy,” striving to discover smart, client-focused solutions grounded in the latest technology and marketing expertise. Much of his day is spent crafting and managing a variety of digital experiences for brands such as Modern Farmer, International Women’s Health Council, Whole Lifestyle Nutrition, and 100 Days of Real Food. He also has a soft spot for customer support, relishing the time spent working directly with clients to fix their problems and make their lives easier. Mike brings a diverse set of skills and experience to Traci Bogan World Wide. He’s a powerhouse in the areas of inbound marketing, digital revenue optimization, and WordPress development. Plus, his Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) status means he thrives in an Agile work environment. A detailed troubleshooter and problem solver, Mike’s enthusiasm and attention to detail allow him to quickly build strong relationships with his clients. If you’ve been on the receiving end of Mike’s help, you understand why Tuna Traffic’s clients sing his praises.

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