Soul Integrated Services

Soul Integrated Services

“How you love yourself and the world most, is by listening to that thing which calls you” – Traci Bogan, Dreampreneur

Your Soul Integrated Journey to a Life and Legacy Business you Love

Purpose | Power | Profit | Prosperity

Being a Soul Integrated Entrepreneur is more than building a strong, vital and profitable business vehicle. It’s about being fully integrated as a woman, living your purpose and your mission and aligning your vehicle to be in service of that. It’s about effectively assisting the people you’re meant to serve. It’s about so much more than business and profit.

It’s about a profoundly personal journey to being conscious and mining the gold, the wisdom and the gifts to create your legacy. It’s the path you take to explore and uncover who you are at the deepest level. Embodying your True-Self as a conscious creator and integrating that into your legacy.

It’s the neglected path of introspection and doing the deep inner-work that you’ve been ignoring, avoiding and afraid of your w(hole) life. This void has left you out of integrity with your soul and the sharing of the Heart-Wisdom that you came to impart, the Soul-Mission that you came to fulfil and the Legacy you came to build and leave.

When you explore and uncover who you are at the deepest level and allow yourself to be fully seen, heard and supported, it ushers in the opportunity to marvel at all of the dazzling gems and priceless works of art within you that have never been discovered and unearthed until now in the forgotten time capsule of your True-Self.

The journey can be exciting, arduous and challenging and is an inside job. Every journey requires planning, preparation and a semblance of the correct combination of actions, mindsets and tools to experience integration, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Traci Bogan backpacked through 55 countries to discover the secret.

The greatest asset and tool that you possess to assist you on your journey of life and achieving your Inspired Dreams is your own internal compass, your personal “true north,” that I refer to as the The Golden Compass.

Just as a compass points toward a magnetic field, The Golden Compass directs your path and points you toward your North Star. That secret, sacred place where yourgreatest powers live, your powers to awaken, remember and raise your own consciousness. This is True Wealth.

It contains ancient wisdom to harness your True-Self. When you stop living a life written by lies and elicit a deeper connection through authentic self-honesty, self-acceptance and self-love, you create your own unique version of a life and a legacy business you love.

When you courageously know your truth and live and lead consciously from your heart, you naturally become the receiver of a divine guidance making all of your deepest desires real.

Your job simply becomes to commit to the journey, choose the path, devise the plan and trust in your capability to take the courageous, aligned and collaborative actions required to reach each mile marker towards achievement and fulfilment.

You claim full moral responsibility for the sharing of your Heart-Wisdom with others and assume full accountability for your results in providing abundance and prosperity to yourself and those who live in your kingdom.

Soul Integrated Services

The Golden Compass is your guiding power that awaits the most challenging aspects of your life. When you command the courage to embark on your Journey, as a Soul Integrated Entrepreneur, your whole life and business will transform because it’s rooted in meaning, purpose and mission.

Much like a Cryptex Vault that hides secret messages inside waiting to be discovered by anyone who can decipher the code to crack the vault, The Golden Compass has a secret message waiting inside especially for you!

Unlike the Cryptex, you are the ONLY one who can click and align the dials into place and decipher the correct semblance and the correct combination of the dials to crack open the vault of your soul. It will reveal the most revered and valuable gemstones and untapped powers that you can possibly imagine.

When you tap the power of The Golden Compass you are excavating the rich treasure within and finding a profitable pathway for its most earnest expression and greatest good for you and for the a world that you will one day leave behind.

Imagine the new opportunities and possibilities that will emerge when your mind and heart connect and you are aligned with your True-Self. You will inevitably experience true freedom in life, growth in business, impact on others and contribution to all as a super human. You will begin to live The Soul Integrated Way, as a Dreampreneur.

It’s your time to awaken and celebrate the W.E.L.L. version of you (you the Woman, you the Entrepreneur, you in Life and you in Legacy) in these Core 4 areas embodied as…

Level 1.

Dare to Dream. The Soul Integrated WOman by Traci Bogan

The Soul Integrated Woman

Freedom in Life (Dream it!)

AWAKEN. Experience true freedom in life as you discover and develop who you really are and what you came here to be, do and create. Tap the limitless power that comes only in the remembering of your Heart-Wisdom and in the creating from your Soul-Mission. Life is simply a puzzle and you already have all the pieces, remember them.

The Golden Compass holds a key for you that unlocks a door to the truest version of you that is begging to emerge. When you finally gain the courage to move from your hole into your whole, you elicit a deeper connection with self-honesty, self-acceptance and self-love and expand your capacity to create your unique version of freedom and paint the mural of a life you love.

The Soul Integrated Entrepreneur

Growth in Business (Plan it!)

RISE. Experience true growth in business as you create and communicate your service and value. Grow a business that reflects your Soul-Mission and aligns your vision, virtues and values with your soul clients. The natural by product of sharing your wisdom creates true sustainable wealth.

The Golden Compass exposes the BS (Belief Systems) that drive the habits and behaviors that keep you in a state of scarcity and low wealth vibration so you can realign and be more productive, attract more clients, drive more revenue and make more impact.

Level 2.

The Soul Integrated Life

Impact on Others (Live it!)

SHINE. Experience true impact as you expand and embody a life beyond just you, that elevates us individually and collectively. Open the opportunity to create your world instead of your world creating you, and experience life from a larger and higher perspective through the lens of gratitude.

Accessing The Golden Compass allows the integration from what you’ve built on your inside world with your outside world. You cultivate relationships and co-create with like-minded, like-hearted and like-spirited communities. All with a common mission of true Freedom in Life, Growth in Business, Impact on Others and Contribution to All. Life is not happening “to” you, life is not happening “for” you, life is happening by you and through you.

The Soul Integrated Legacy

 Contribution to All (BE It!)

THRIVE. Experience true contribution as you live and lead from the alignment of your Heart-Wisdom. The seeds you plant in the world become the by product that keep you in the resonance of creating true sustainable wealth. So you can circulate to the projects you believe in and create a positive change in the world.

As you master The Golden Compass and learn to move from your heart, you create a ripple-effect that impacts the lives of others that outlives you. This is how your are remembered and how you change the world. Every seed you’ve planted, a new story begins.

Now that you have integrated the Core 4 areas and are living the W.E.L.L. version of you, it’s time to maintain it and keep The Golden Compass aligned with your path.

Traci Bogan - Soul Powered Entrepreneur

The Soul Integrated Way / Journey

Be Super Human. (Experience it!)

Experience being super human as you access and allow the conscious living practices that keep you in the resonance to master the correct combination of daily actions, mindsets and tools that expand you vibrationally and align you with your True North.

Living The Soul Integrated Way is more than just managing your state of being, it’s a daily practice and commitment to integrate The Golden Compass into each of The Core 4 areas of life so you live W.E.L.L.. Your conscious living practices are your daily charging station to live a life of true wealth and prosperity, as a Dreampreneur.

We are here to assist you in creating a Soul Integrate Life and Legacy Business that you love and get you off and keep you off the Entrepreneur Ferris Wheel (up, down and stuck… round and round you go day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year).If this speaks to you, and you are willing to take the next steps in your personal, business and spiritual evolution, let’s talk

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